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Assistant Director - Parkholme Campus Tracey Cassidy

Updated: Jul 29

When it became time to return to work after being a stay-at-home Mum for 10+ years, I made the conscious decision to change career paths completely. As a mother of 5, I decided that if I had to return to the paid workforce I would also make the conscious decision to change my career path completely from the world of General and Life Insurance; to follow my main passion in life and became a volunteer where my children had attended child care.

Warradale Community Children’s Centre became my haven as I embarked on a career as a Child Care Educator and was very quickly no longer a volunteer but a paid casual worker. Shortly thereafter I gained full time employment which led to studies and successful completion of Certificate III and subsequently my Diploma.

Fifteen years on and I am the Assistant Director of the Centre and my passion for educating and nurturing children hasn’t diminished in the slightest – if anything my love for children and all they have to offer has multiplied tenfold.


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