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Hi I'm Christine

Updated: Jul 29

I trained to be a teacher in the U.K. but didn’t work in a school until I came to Australia with my husband and young family. Ten years later I was offered the opportunity to study that would enable me to work in childcare and educate the under 5 year olds. I have been employed at Warradale Community Children’s Centre since 1999 at both campuses as a casual relief Educator, maternity leave cover, team member, team leader and assistant director roles. Away from the Centre I have been involved on many community committees and enjoy the arts, crafts, travel and my 8 grandchildren.


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I'm Michelle Tilbrook

I started at Warradale Community Children's Centre almost 15 years ago and in that time I’ve worked with all the age groups but the last few years I have found my greatest skill/strength and enthusias

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