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Updated: Jul 29, 2020

My name is Megan (Meg) McFarlane and I'm the mother of Mohamed (Mo). We live locally in Hove, but our family also has close ties to Morocco (in the North of Africa) as Mo's dad is Moroccan and still has lots of family and interests there.

I am a lawyer and have recently just opened my own law firm, Kin Lawyers Pty Ltd. We have offices in Glenelg and Gawler and specialise in family and relationship law - separation, future planning, wills, estates and family business. I am also a part-time "Carnie" as my husband runs a food truck, Moorish Bites, which I help out with from time to time !

I got involved in the committee to meet other parents, to get more involved in the workings and direction of the Centre and to give back to the staff who give our children so much. And also possibly because they served wine at the AGM which emboldened me to out my hand up!

Mo loves getting outside, playing and exploring the wonderful grounds of the Centre. He also loves seeing his friends and the Educators who he has formed such close bonds with - he loves coming to childcare in the morning which is heart warming to watch.

I have learnt a lot about the early childhood education system, financial budgets and policy and procedure making in an organisation. I have also learn so much from the professional experiences of the other parent members over the years, in all sorts of areas - industrial relations, marketing and promotions, landscaping, local government, education, small business and accounting, just to name a few. Most recently, I have learnt how much work goes into a Saturday morning "Bunnings BBQ" fundraiser and have a renewed admiration for them - I will buy an additional sausage in support each tine I pass one now!

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