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                  Reconciliation Action Plan


“Kaurna miyurnte, Kaurna yarta, nqadlu tampinthi” We recognise the Kaurna people as the Native Land Title owners and protectors of this land Our vision at Warradale Community Children’s Centre for reconciliation is to acknowledge that the Kaurna people are the Native Land title owners and protectors of this Land. We recognise their long and rich connection with this Land and understand it is as important today as it was yesterday and will be tomorrow. We commit to ensuring that Kaurna culture is woven through our program in ways that increase our understanding as we work together towards reconciliation. As a Centre we acknowledge that Australia is made up of diverse cultures and therefore strive to build an environment that is welcoming of all people. We endeavour to continue to build strong connections with people, places and the environment. It is our desire that all our community feel connected and empowered to participate within the Centre through the relationships they form with us and between each other, and that everyone has a sense of belonging within our Centre. We will work in respectful partnership with our families, recognising that they are the children’s first educators. We are committed to expand our knowledge and provide leadership. Building and renewing deeper partnerships and engagement with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, families and individuals will enable us to learn from each other as we work to build a more equitable and harmonious environment. We also endeavour to connect with Elders within our community.

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