Ngaarturna Kuu

0-2 years

Current Ratio 1:4

Staff Team

Team Leader : Monday, Thursday and Friday- Children's Services Professional / Nominated Supervisor : Christine Smith - Diploma

Team Leader :Tuesday and Wednesday -Children's Services Professional / Nominated Supervisor : Stephanie Bilsborow - Diploma

  • Children's Services Professional  - Anne Broomfield - Diploma

  • Children's Services Assistant: Monica Selvaraj - Cert 3

About us

We cater for 16 children at any one time and our working ratio is 1 adult : 4 children.

Children are allocated to a Primary Educator to assist you and your child settle into Child Care and help them try the varying experiences we provide. We prefer to follow your child's home routine as much as possible, to be an extension of your family life/routine. Each child, under 1, has their own communication book to share information between your family and your Primary Educator.


Early Years Learning Framework

At Warradale Community Children's Centre we use the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) to extend and enrich your child's learning. This learning is documented in a portfolio that will stay with your child throughout their time at the Centre. We aim to work in partnership with you the family and the local community to actively engage your child in their environment. We identify your child's strengths and interests to choose experiences to facilitate learning through play.


We try to embed, from an early age, sustainability and caring for the environment - responsible use of water, re cycling food and paper products and growing our food.

The Sharing and Caring garden is an ongoing initiative in the Ngarturna Kuu that aims to regenerate our garden and vegetable garden. It provides a more aesthetic environment for the children, providing intentional teaching and the development of new skills.


Meeting your child's needs

All special diets : dietary, cultural and anaphylactic and stages of introducing new foods are catered for - you only need to let us know and we will provide the correct food.
Families are to provide bottles of milk or formula, already made up and named to ensure your child receives the correct bottle.



We are a recognised Sunsmart Centre - we access the UV rating daily and dress the children accordingly.

Please supply appropriate clothing to protect your child from the sun and to keep their shoulders covered i.e.

  • no shoe string straps or tank tops

  • bucket type sun hat all year round

You can access your child's PCG and portfolio at any time, informally or make an appointment.