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Philosophy Statement


“Kaurna miyurnte, Kaurna yarta, nqadlu tampinthi”

We recognise the Kaurna people and their land

At Warradale Community Children’s Centre we acknowledge the Kaurna people as the Native Land Title owners and protectors of this land.  We recognise their long and rich connection with this land and understand it is as important today as it was yesterday and will be tomorrow. We commit to ensuring that this culture is woven through our program in ways that increase our understanding as we work together towards reconciliation.  As a Centre we acknowledge that Australia is made up of diverse cultures and therefore strive to build an environment that is inclusive and respectful of all.

Warradale Community Children’s Centre has a strong emphasis on maintaining a play-based program while consistently building strong connections with people, place and the environment.  It is our desire that all our community feel connected respected and empowered to participate within the Centre through the relationships they form with us and between each other, and that everyone has a sense of belonging within our Centre.

Our teaching and learning programs are based on “Belonging, Being and Becoming” as outlined in the Early Years National Framework and the National Quality Standards.  Learning occurs throughout the day from arrival to departure because we understand that there is potential for learning in every space, routine and experience. We value our ongoing learning and have a responsibility to make learning visible through many forms of documentation.

We believe that our position is to nurture and guide children to be confident, curious learners with the ability to problem solve within a safe environment supporting children's mental and physical health including positive self esteem and resilience for a smooth transition to school and beyond.

We will work in respectful partnership with our families, recognising that they are the children’s first educators.

We are committed to implementing sustainable methods for our day to day management of the service.  We recognise the importance of connections to nature for children and are committed to providing a natural environment where they can explore and share in the wonder of the natural world.  We are dedicated to learning the importance of caring for the natural environment for future generations.

Our Philosophy Statement is embedded in to our practice and vision for all who belong within the community.  It has been developed by our whole community including children, parents, educators and management, and guides our policies and pedagogical practices, assisting in the development of a holistic approach to where we belong, empowering our being and enriching who we are.

This philosophy will  be ever changing as new insights are gained and practices are evaluated.

We encourage children to be an active part of our curriculum planning process and are committed to ensuring that children have their voice heard and reflected, to support their sense of belonging in our Centre community.

" I like going to the library" Emmie

"Being better friends to help each other" Marnie

"Learning how to write" Isla

"We learn sharing and being kind" Rory

"Making new friends: Zac

"Noisy! Everyone is laughing" Tess

"Sharing is caring" Finn

"Practicing being kind to each other" Layla

"I like saying hello in different languages" Bella

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