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2-3 years

Current Ratio 1:5

Staff Team

Team Leader – Children’s Services Professional : Samara - Lee Morris

  • ​Children’s Services Professional :  Girlita Aguinaldo

  • Children’s Services Professional : Rebecca Gordon

  • Children’s Services Professional : Lan Quach

  • Children's Services Professional: Melissa Patterson

  • Children's Services Professional: Sue Parham


Early Years Learning Framework

We offer a play based curriculum following the Early Years Learning Framework: ‘Belonging, Being and becoming.’ It recognises, as we do that children learn through play. It also acknowledges the importance of family, culture and community in your child’s life. As well as planned experiences, the Kuula's engage in many spontaneous experiences following

the child’s interests. Our experienced educators use Intentional Teaching methods to support children

to build self-help skills, explore and be autonomous. At the core of our educational program.

The Kuula's have group times throughout the day. Many of these are spontaneous and involve stories,

music, dancing and discussion. Educators follow the child’s interests and create group times accordingly.
Each child has a learning portfolio that is updated regularly by your child’s primary carer. Educators plan for each child based on their strengths, needs and interests. Portfolios are available to access any time for families and children to see their learning journey.

What to bring each day

In a small bag, please supply the following each day:

  • A named sun hat, either a broad brimmed or legionaries style

  • At least a complete change of clothes. If your child is toilet training, please bring several pairs of underwear and pants

  • Dummies and comforters if needed

What to expect

For new and transitioning children

Whether your child is new to the centre or transitioning from the Kurtaka's, adjusting to a new room can be difficult. It is a big change in their lives. We aim to manage this change with care and sensitivity in consultation with you. We hope to support your child to learn how to manage change and to realise that change can be a positive experience. Children moving from the Kurtaka's Room will have some transition visits, initially with a familiar carer.


If your child is new to the centre and even if they are moving from the Kurtaka's Room, we encourage you to come for as many visits as you can and stay with your child. Please talk to the staff about when you would like to visit or if you have any questions about transitioning. We will accommodate you where possible.

Primary Caregiving


Primary caregiving helps your child feel secure in the childcare environment. One carer is initially responsible for attending to all your child’s needs including nappy changes, helping them with sleep and engaging in activities. This security allows the educator and child to build a meaningful connection and gives the child the confidence to explore the childcare environment independently and build relationships with children and other carers too.

Professional Development

Pamela is qualified to train families in CoS, also known as Circle of Security.

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