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Staff Team

Team Leader – Children’s Services Professional : Sudesh Kumari

  • Children’s Services Professional : Sandra Andrary

  • Children's Services Professional: Marissa Davis

  • Children's Services Assistant : Christie Honan

  • Children's Services Assistant : Meei Lian Koon


Early Years Learning Framework

The Wadla Room offer a play based curriculum using the Early Years Learning Framework.

Children at this age are supported to continue to build autonomy and independence.

They begin to take on new responsibilities in order to develop into positive and active contributors to our world.

Family input is very important to our planning. We welcome shared conversations with families and are happy for families to e-mail through information too.

We are lucky to have such a large outdoor play area where painting, sand play, ball games, dramatic play props, bikes and trucks are all utilised. The centre’s Learning Garden at the front of the centre further supports children’s learning. We explore concepts of life-cycles, build sustainable practices, making valuable connections to the community and the earth. It is also a wonderful place of discovery with many opportunities to find bugs and worms and harvest fruit and vegetables.

Portfolios and learning stories

Belonging, Being and Becoming

We currently use Storypark App that is updated regularly by your child’s primary caregiver.

Educators plan for your child individually using the Early Years Learning Framework: ‘Belonging, Being and Becoming.’ Other educators can also add things to Storyparkrand group experiences are also documented for shared learning. Folders are displayed where families and children can access and regularly revisit and enjoy the learning that is happening.

Sleep and Rest

As every child is active and engaged in so many things during the day, we value the importance of rest. This is important for children’s health, emotion and wellbeing. It allows children time to regulate their feelings, recognising the signs of our bodies and providing for our needs.

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