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$126.00 a day

Fees include all snacks, meals and nappies.

Late Fees

A late fee of $30 then $1 a minute thereafter are applied for late collection of children after 6:30pm

Preschool Fees


No charge

(LDC fees still apply).

Session Care 

Full Day Session
10 hour Session
9 Hour Session
Fri., June 20
The Academy, L.A
Book It
Thu., June 19
Bamboo, Santa Barbara
Book It
Sat., June 28
Cheers, Santa Cruz
Book It
Wed., July 6
The Roxy, San Francisco
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Ambulance Cover


Music Program

The centre holds Ambulance Insurance at no extra cost for accidents only.
Children with identified Health Plans are not covered by this insurance and parents are advised to take out own Ambulance Insurance.

Parents will be informed of charge prior to event. Optional attendance.

Hee Dee Ho Music is held fortnightly at $5.00 per session billed to parent account. 
Free for Under Two age group. 

Optional Attendance.

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