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Registered Teacher -Vicki

The program

The preschool program is Government Funded and delivered by Vicki who is a registered Early Childhood Teacher, meaning it is essentially the same as your child attending a DECD Kindergarten.
Preschool sessions are available Monday to Friday during school terms. The morning session runs from 8:00am-12:00pm and the afternoon session runs from 12:30pm-4:30pm. Each child is entitled to 15 hours per week of “Preschool”, meaning that two full days, or 4 “sessions” of preschool will equate to these 15 hours. We are very flexible to each family’s needs and understand that it is difficult to drop off and pick up children at certain times. By accessing the Universal Access Preschool program at our Centre, families are still able to access regular child care outside of the preschool times. Please speak to Lori or Vicki for further information about the Preschool program.


Children's Service Professional   Kate- Diploma

       (Studying Masters of Teaching Early                                                                                 Childhood/Primary)

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